M’barek Bouhchichi 

Born 1975, Akka, Morocco / Lives and works in Tahanaout, Morocco. M’barek Bouhchichi gives shape to modes of expression that move from the individual discourse towards broader social, poetic and historic systems. There is an individual voice that enables a re-writing of the self, that runs throughout his work. It is a thought process unfolding in acts that the artist signifies with the exchange between the idea and the experience of the work. His artworks propose a dual reading that depends the artist’s personal understanding, and a reading that is guided by thoughts that are open to being shared and interpreted. Bouhchichi graduated from the Centre Pédagogique Régional, Rabat, Morocco. The works of M’barek Bouhchichi has recently been exhibited at biennials at international institutions including Dak’art, 13th edition of the Biennial of Contemporary African Art, Dakar, Senegal / Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany / MUCEM, Marseille, France / Kulte, Rabat / Morocco. Palacio Cadaval, Evora, Portugal. M'barek has also been featured in the book African Art Now by Osei Bonsou, co-published by the Tate publishing and Ilex. His work is included in prestigious collections, including The Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden (MACAAL), Marrakech, Morocco. Friends of the Arts in North Africa Foundation, California,USA. La Fondation CDG, Rabat, Morocco, The Centre Pompidou, Paris, France. Fondation H, Antananarivo, Madagascar.